Good morning All,

Well, this has been an interesting few days sailing. We have had all sorts go off on board. We tore the Code 2 the night before last, so immediately put up the Code 3, only an hour later to have the sheet on the Code 3 part ways. Down with that and up with the Yankee. Luckily the Code 3 came down with no damage.

So out with the sewing machine... A huge thanks to Heather and Lukie who have now repaired all three kites this race. They literally turn the port side of the saloon into a repair loft and get on with it. 12 hours later we had the sail back up and flying as we came around mark Alpha. Great job guys. Paul covered himself in glory when he called the helms men, himself included, the Breakit Team and Heather and Lukie the Fixit Team...

Otherwise we had our first "out of time" birthday celebration. According to Maddie, who did the baking, Max turned 11. Yes 11. So our little boy got his cake and got to eat it. However tomorrow is Maddie’s actual birthday so more cake... So much for losing weight offshore.

As for the weather.. It's rubbish. There is this cold mist like rain that just seeps its way into the bones. The clouds have just been grey and ominous for days and I'm back wearing thermals at night. Is it summer? So to the Race Office... We need sunshine and shorts and t-shirt weather please! You can't enjoy a Guinness if it is full of rain water.

So with that thought I'm off to deck to see if we can't get there a little quicker.

Cheers for now

Wavy and the birthday crew.