Good Morning All,

I would like to thank Max for stepping up and doing extra watches and time, plus keeping the boat running over the last few days. He really did a superb job. I would get up, make a sail plan and route and then disappear and it would all happen under his fine guidance. Great job.

This morning, I was on the helm, enjoying a catch up with the boat, and Chris came up for his watch and wanted to take over the helm. Max informed him there was a queue. Banter ensued! After an hour or so, I gave the helm to Max for his turn, as GoToBermuda and I had not had much time together, but fair is fair. Next thing I hear was Mike leaning out the companion way shouting at Max to share helm time. If the in fighting between the helm's men and women is the biggest issue Max has left me with then all is well in the middle of the North Atlantic.

The crew has really taken on board all the training we have done over the last races since our restart, and it has all paid off in the last few days. They have put all the extra effort in and for every sail change or kite peel, everything is so prepped and ready. For example, we dropped the Code 3 at sunset last night when it was blowing 30 plus knots and the sea state made it very bumpy, while GoToBermuda was still trying desperately to get her last big surfs in before we took her kite away. It went spectacularly well! Like clockwork and with all the finesse of a professional crew the sail came down and the new one went up.

So I am going to bed to try to recharge these 52 year old batteries.