Good morning all,

The battle is finally over... Not the race but the battle between myself and the Green Monster. It started shortly after the wind picked up, however she really did not play fair, as she brought all her sisters, nieces and various grandmothers as well. I was losing really badly and these women were taking my crew from me one by one, then two or three at a time. Even my most reliable Max and Heather were attacked. The war went on through the night, with the crew doing their utmost to ward off all the unwanted attention, but the nasty green girls were on form. They came into the battle wearing their skimpiest, most seductive battle gear, for which I had no defence. Lukie and Chris were the first to fall, Paul and Leon shortly after, and so it went on. They then changed tack and started hitting any female opposition to make the remaining men an easier target, finally even getting Max.

Almost every man down, the crew still fought on. But like wraiths in the night they kept hitting us, wave after wave of these nauseating green devils. Cunning and underhand in their attack. We tried tempting the crew with freshly cooked bacon, Coke, and anything sweet, but food was not staying down as these green monsters held on to their victims, like North Sea sirens.

Finally, the wind abated and the seas dropped, just slightly, and we could mount a counter attack, and with the determination of an almost broken crew we fought our final defence and threw them from our decks.

The brave crew who fought valiantly have their victory and we on GoToBermuda are whole again. So now let’s start our next attack, Let’s Race..!


Wavy and a victorious crew.