Morning All,

We are now under 100 nm to go, so our purgatory is almost over. Last night we had it all again, from a drift yesterday afternoon, being washed backwards 3nm, to a very nice 15 knots under the Code 1. Today has not been dissimilar and although we are currently in 10 knots of wind, I don't hold out too much hope that it will be sustained, judging by the last few days. The afternoon heat seems to increase the pressure and the wind abates, then as it cools again in the evening, the pressure drops and off we go again. I must admit, this suits our vampire crew, as this means loads of night sail changes and they are excellent at it. So much so, that we don't even bother with deck lights and head torches most of the time. The moonlight is good enough for these vampires. Three spinnaker changes and not a hick-up and not a light is sight.

The fact that the nights are slightly cooler than before is lovely. The cool air blowing through the boat and making everything below deck quite comfortable, while the deck is perfect for a T-shirt and shorts sailing, without being humid and heavy, sweaty and sticky. Typical that the temperature changes to a desirable level just before we finish... It does bode well for the comfort of the next race.

The crew are all well and looking forward to this challenging race being over and enjoying a nice shower and a cold beer when we get in. So, with that lets hold thumbs and cross fingers one more time and see us in.


Chat later

Wavy Fabian and Crew