Morning All,

Well since we managed to get out of our hole and head northeast again all seems to be going well. The temp has been steadily dropping, especially at night, and I am now wearing long pants. I am the only one of the crew doing it, but it is much cooler in the evenings, which is a pleasant change from the incessant heat that we have been having. It is just a perfect temperature, not too hot and not too cold.

The crew has settled down nicely since the excitement of yesterday and the green monster has once again left the boat. Which is great news for Chris and Katie, however Chris who is on galley duty today did ask for volunteers to take his duty to keep the seasickness at bay. Liz has stepped up and we can keep the green monster away, thanks Liz.

Talking of Liz, she and Candela made a great stir fry last night, which followed by a nice cup of coffee was just a perfect end to a good day. Not that the day ends after dinner... But it is nice to think so.

So, less than 100 miles to the next mark and we start our leg back to Subic Bay and with a lot of work to be done without a Staysail, it could be an interesting go at it. Let's go.


Chat later

Wavy Fabian and Crew