Good Morning All,

Well it has been an eventful start to our sprinting race. To start with Fabian who has not been well for the last few days had to pull out and stay in bed... Wow what a loss. However, Mike Brian has stepped in and after helping Guy on Dare To Lead during the last race,he has joined us on this one. Thanks Mike and welcome aboard GoToBermuda, lets hope you have fun and that our chief Fabian gets well soon.

We did an evening La Mans start, which then got delayed again by a ship deciding to sail right through our start line. By now it was pitch dark and no moon yet. Rich Gould, Skipper on WTC Logistics was running our start and did a superb job of getting us off. We did look great as a fleet, lights all in a row. Just after the start, a beautiful full moon rose and suddenly there was light again. As we beat our way towards the first marks and our first Dell Latitude Rugged Ocean Sprint, the wind dropped. My heart sank at the thought of another drifting night, but luckily it filled back in and has been very pleasant ever since. Got away with that one.

The wind veered some more and down came the Yankee and up with a tight Code 2, sailing west very nicely toward our second gate.

I am also happy to report that all the crew are well, and that the green monster has not made an appearance at all so far, long may it last. So let's hope that our issues are all over so that we can go on to enjoy this potentially fast paced, tiring but very exciting race.

So back on deck to check trim and speed...


Chat later

Wavy, Mike and Crew