Race 1 - Day 27
Skipper Report
16 September

Andy Burns
Andy Burns
Team GREAT Britain
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Finally, we have got the kite up. To say that the crew breathed a sigh of relief when the boat flattened out is an understatement. They no longer look like overeager toddlers taking their first steps and now look like the slick racing team that we are. The kite is up and we are crossing everything not to have any kitemares over the next week. Maximum concentration is required - no eating on deck, only motivational music. Our Club Tropicana doldrum days feel like a distant memory.

The GWU (General Wooller's Union) is making murmurs down below, but they can now see the incentive of doing their upmost to ensure no reason to take the kites down, other than the weather changing. At least they won't be woolling with 100 stage lights on as the temperatures are starting to drop a little bit.

I have to make a special mention today to Ed Aldworth and Antonia Hiesgen who nailed it in the galley today. They went off-piste for both meals and produced a feast which has made the crew very happy. It seems that they enjoyed it so much they are willing to be bought to take over other peoples’ Mother Duty. This may be quite a lucrative move for them. In other news, the Porthole Pest seems to have calmed down a little bit and I am significantly drier these days.

Onwards and upwards, we are chasing down the pack as much as we can. This is definitely a game of the tortoise and the hare and hopefully our patience will start paying off soon.

Love as always from the good ship GREAT Britain to our supporters, friends and family.