Race 1 - Day 7
Skipper Report
09 September

Rob Graham
Rob Graham
Team Imagine your Korea
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We arrived in Portimao early this morning, just before the sparrow awoke and we were drinking beer at sunrise, it’s a great thing to do after an awesome experience, try it.

The sense of achievement amongst the crew is enormous and all the fears and trepidation seemed to recoil into excitement and great camaraderie.

The crew just need some refreshment (aka beer, some great steak and proper coffee) and the guys need the opportunity to enjoy standing up for a week before we prepare for Leg 2.

We now know that the yacht can produce the speeds, that the crew can deliver and that we can make the right tactical decision, all we need to do is to deliver all there at the same time.

The deep cleaning of the boat is now on, (that’s why I’m writing the blog as it’s a dam god awful job to do!), after a few days at sea with a group of sailors the boat smells like a fox’s den (not that I have first-hand experience of that)

1382 nautical miles raced, not a cross word spoken and some fantastic characters emerging within the team.

Let me leave you with one thought, if you partner told you that you are having dinner party tonight and you were having 21 guests you might be concerned, now if they told you that the guests are staying for 28 days and that you have to feed them three meals a day that might frighten you. If your partner went on to tell you that the guests will not be leaving the house and that your kitchen is going to be at 30 degrees and you might get a bit wobbly and to compound the whole scenario - that some people have food intolerances. Now, I write all this because I want you to know the magnitude of the task that our victualling team have undertaken with only a very limited amount of refrigeration. For this, I want to thank all our victuallers Johnny and Vince, awesome job chaps.

Best regards and love from the crew on Imagine your Korea.