Ahh the fast triangular sprint course. Earlier this morning, this more closely resembled a drunken attempt at rhythmic ballet, with our cohort all performing out of time and pirouetting back and forth across the course. Since those wonderful hours, we have made a steady drag north, just fast enough to keep the slapping Dacron orchestra at bay. Just slow enough to watch our toilet paper float alongside.

Now we are heading south-south-east (with a velocity made good of -1.3kts) to lay the ironically named gate Ocean Sprint 4, which is rather painful, but necessary. Our ongoing case of the slows continues, as no matter what we try or how carefully we drive/trim we clock the slowest speeds in the fleet. It is becoming one of those races where it is all you can do to keep the frustration at bay and keep making the least awful decision. Nonetheless, the team are at least preparing for the North Pacific (and learning to find shade on deck to eat their half frozen ice lollies).

We did have a bit of a spectacle late yesterday, as we passed close by what some of our crew confidently identified as an aircraft carrier. The old question of 'big ship far away, or small ship close by?' might have been asked, but we on Imagine your Korea like to imagine the future, where the great naval powers field very small aircraft carriers charged with paper plane airforces. This futuristic miniature naval vessel was clearly working in stealth mode, as they even took the trouble to launch decoy fishing buoys to throw us off the scent.

Today's special Imagine your Korea blog bonus feature is a behind the scenes/blooper reel. Rob often makes notes ahead of blog time; things he would like to write about or starting points for me if he doesn't get to it. Two out of his three notes today gave me the paragraphs above, but try as I might I'm not sure where to take the third…

So, here it is in all it's unpolished glory, straight from the blog material mine located among the foothills of the Ginger Mountain: 'Unicef imaginary creatures - brains whale? Finally dolphins something to eat besides discarded flip-flop (Filippino safety boots) bottles'.

All the best from Imagine your Korea,

Sam, Rob and all the crew.