So this is it, my final blog of the race. I cant quite believe it over. Yes, we would have preferred to finish in a better position overall but that pales into insignificance when you think about what we have achieved. Also a second into our home port Liverpool really sweetens things.

I have faced a lot of personal challenges by doing this race and its been extremely tough in places. However, the highs by far our way the lows. I have made friendships that will last a lifetime and I really don’t want this to end. I know for a fact a few tears will be shed today in Liverpool

I am so proud of our team. There are too many to go through individually but we have had some absolute stars on every leg, people that bring positive energy to the boat and then carry on supporting when on land. It is such a nice feeling when you get into port and you receive well wishes from the past crew no matter how well you have done in the race.

One thing is for sure, I couldn’t have done this race without the RTW team. The backbone of the boat, they keep the boat running, they train the new crew and I set off with the mission that this would be their boat. And I think I have achieved that, they have all turned into very competent sailors and I am immensely proud of each and every one of them.

JV – our bosun, coxswain and safety officer. The master of the helm, the instructor and a secret member of starboard watches rock opera! I know the crew all feel they are in safe hand when he is posted behind them on the helm. Also a special shout out to our unofficial RTW member, Bronwyn, she has done so much for the team, onboard and at home. So thank you to both of you.

Helen – The mistress of the pit and a member of our extremely over worked sail repair team. At the start of the race Helen was a sponge for knowledge and she must have soaked it up well. What a sailor she has turned out to be. I know if I am ever doing an evolution I want Helens eyes making sure I haven’t missed anything. I have enjoyed your sense of humour however I am not sure if I will miss being served breakfast in the morning!!!! Thank you Helen.

Neil – Our media guru and Watch Leader. Your sailing skills have come on so much. I know if you have rigged something I don’t need to check it, you are constantly working, analysing, questioning and trying to make the boat go faster. I have enjoyed your company and watching you develop. Thank you Neil.

Nano – wildlife expert (specialist subject – birds!) The Kite runner! You have some serious skills on the helm, you have a fantastic eye for detail and this boat would have been an unhappier place without you. Well done Nano. Keep teaching and thank you.

Graham – The TC, real doctor, sail repairer and blogger extraordinaire. I think everybody on the boat has seen a huge change in you and I do really hope you got out of this adventure what you were looking for. Thank you.

Mikey - The sage, sail repair god and dad of the boat. Always there with a kind word and a shoulder to cry on. Not only do you look after everyone on the boat but you are the first to jump up and offer to help. Your support has not gone unnoticed and I have really appreciated your company. Thank you Mikey star.

Claire and James – I don’t have all the words to describe how much these two people mean to me. I would not have got through this race with out them, they have been the people I turn to with almost everything. Between the three of us we bounce ideas, sort out issues, and support each other. They cover the roles of watch leaders, medic, victualler, maintenance, deal with the corporates on stopovers, coxswain, the navigators, weather and tactics. The have both constantly strived to improve their knowledge, you will often find James with a trim book and Claire stuck into the weather manual. They have mentored new watch leaders, trained the crew and when the chips are down they are straight up on deck to help each other.

I will miss our daily chats and all the laughter. Thank you guys.

To sum up, it;s been the Race of my life – I hope its been all of yours……



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