Race 3 - Day 14
Skipper Report
14 November

Rob Graham
Rob Graham
Team Nasdaq
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Well, this seems to be wildlife day here on Nasdaq - after seeing very little, besides our friendly albatrosses for many days now, it has all got very exciting.

It began yesterday with some whale spouts, too far off to make out any detail but definitely whales. Then we saw what could have been a big seal (do they come this far out into the ocean? We're 600+ nautical miles from the nearest islands), although guesses did range widely enough to include the legendary Kraken. Whatever it was, it's now been entered into the Captain's Log Book of Mysterious Ocean Creatures (ta Bertie).

This morning we have been surrounded by a flock of 200 or more little swallow-like birds in light grey, mixing with the more familiar small dark albatross-looking ones, and the BIG FELLA himself still gliding around.

Most exciting of all were the two (Humpback?) whales that popped up to the surface just a few metres ahead of our bow before breakfast - a quick handbrake-turn by Leg 3 crew David Phillips at the helm avoided another PSP Logistics incident. The whales stayed nearby for 20mins, swimming parallel to us about two boat lengths off before disappearing, but we've seen several more spouts since so they, or their friends, are still in the area and we are keeping our eyes peeled and cameras ready.

To continue the wildlife theme, can any of my fellow skippers tell me what the creature is that pops up in the dinosaur game after the screen changes colour?

After a tiring night of wind shifts, gusts, lulls and showers we seem to have emerged into a stable, sunny patch of weather with just the right wind for some spinnaker sailing. Now making better speed in a better direction, so happy days here on Nasdaq.

Cheers, Rob.