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And we are off.

Firstly, what an amazing stopover in Cape Town! I had never been to South Africa before, and it did not disappoint. There was so much to do and see...Table Mountain, Cape Point, Penguins, wine tours, etc. A big thank you to my family who came to see us in, and to my sister who flew out to surprise me when I thought I wouldn’t see her until our stopover in Washington DC in June.

This is my first blog as AQP on Perseverance. A role that was very daunting to begin with as we had done so well so far with Joss, and he has left some rather big shoes to fill. We miss him and await his return in Fremantle. I am slowly getting to grips with my new role which has been majorly helped by amazing guidance from Ineke as well as support from our very strong watch leaders Peter and Cam and the rest of the team.

After a slightly painful first 12 hours with more floating than sailing, we are now flying downwind at a decent speed with good wind. We had our first proper squall of 40+ knots yesterday which threw us all by surprise, but the team handled it really well and very quickly put in a reef until the wind settled again. I am looking forward to seeing what the weather will throw at us over the next couple of days.

Jade, Ineke and Leg 3 Seadogs