Race 2 - Day 8
Skipper Report
12 October

Roy Taylor
Roy Taylor
Team PSP Logistics
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At 21:33:50 UTC PSP Logistics officially joined the party again metres from where a whale collided with us on Thursday morning. We have a very pleasant 20 knots on the beam. What we would call a 'soldiers wind' as even a soldier can steer when the wind is on the beam!!

We are slicing through the water at a very respectable 11 knots with one reef in the Main, Yankee 2 and Staysail set and just settling into our second night at sea.

Tonight, we have a salmon pasta bake being lovingly prepared by chefs, David Greer and Fiona Robertson. I do hope there is some 'duff', not for me of course but for the team!!

Gertrude is settled again, being the nice skipper I am, I'm allowing her to use a little of my data so she can keep in touch with Robin. I sense another 'Clipper Race wedding' here!!

Our only prospect of points now is the Elliot Brown Ocean Sprint, so we plan to sail fast but sensibly on route and look after our sails.

Stay safe.

PSP Logistics xx