Hola from the Punta del Este boat,

What a day racing! We started with a Le Mans Start which worked well for us as we were the most windward boat with no one to interfere with our clean air. We've been sailing downwind ever since with a good breeze. Crew old and new are settling well getting manoeuvres right and generally living on a racing boat.

Atlantic crossings back to Europe are always epic because of the weather, and for me getting back home, but this is even better if one is competing with ten other identical boats. This race is going to be awesome and it will be very close till the end. Race viewers at home are in for a treat, enjoy the ride with us!

Please visit our UNICEF fundraising page and give us a little help over here so we can help the kids around the world, specially the ones that are suffering the most.

Until next time,

Jeronimo (Punta del Este Skipper)

Daily Stats:

Tune of the day: Sweet Caroline, Neil Diamond (Sang on karaoke by Donald)

Daily Run: 138 nm

Max boat speed today: 15 knots

Sea life spotted: Whales extravaganza, they were close to the boat but not close enough to disturb their playing.

Sailing manoeuvres to mention (sail changes, tacks and gybes): Peeling from Code 2 to Code 1

Meal of the day: Lasagna

Crew of the day: Guccy and Dario, always at the ready

Tip of the day: In a long race, don't worry too much about someone passing you, think of the long run. Lots of miles to go!