Hola from the Punta del Este boat,

This race is fast. We had great downwind sailing conditions and the Gulf Stream current with us, helping us along the way to up to 7 knots. Also in the middle of the current we saw a large number of different whales, what a treat! After a close sail with Dare To Lead and Qingdao, we all entered a wind hole and we used the Gulf Stream current to get away from it and into the wind. The rest of the fleet are sailing very fast and have pulled out in front a little, it’s time to catch up. This is a long race and there will be lots of battles to have.

The Punta del Este crew is loving the racing, and the grinding and trimming is non stop. Everybody has lots of energy and are in high spirits. It must be all that good food!

Please visit our UNICEF fundraising page and give us a little help over here so we can help the kids around the world, especially the ones that are suffering the most.

Until next time.

Jeronimo (Punta del Este Skipper)

Daily Stats:

Tune of the day: No music

Daily Run: 256nm

Max boat speed today: 15 knots

Sea life spotted: Today we saw dome tuna following the boat, very unusual

Sailing manoeuvres to mention (sail changes, tacks and gybes): Nice and easy, with no manoeuvres

Meal of the day: All the Punta del Este meals are great at the moment and lots of snacks!

Crew of the day: Lucy was brave enough to go up the top of the mast

Tip the day: On the Punta del Este boat, no one is left behind. We move forward as a team.