Hola from the Punta del Este boat,

Done with the Pentland Firth and rounded the top of Scotland! With carefully prepared gybes, and utilising the help of following currents, we managed to cross these challenging waters without difficulties. Now we descend to warmer climates along the east coast of first Scotland, then England.

From the boat odometer I can read 47,145nm since we started this adventure in September 2019. Now we only have 450nm to go to complete the circle and arrive in London, with a lifetime achievement under our belt, and hopefully a bit wiser too. The final prize giving is only three days away and it's going to be an emotional one. After all the time on board and all the experiences, we'll go our separate ways but knowing that we'll always have Punta del Este, Vamos, Vamos, Vamos!

Please visit our UNICEF fundraising page: and give us a little help over here so we can help the kids around the world, specially the ones that are suffering the most.

Until next time,

Jeronimo (Punta del Este Skipper)