Hola from the Punta del Este boat,

For me it is the first circumnavigation and it’s definitely one to remember, to sail around the world is a very, very unique experience that only a few people on the planet can say they have done.

Leading my crew on this adventure, having completed a circumnavigation safely and experiencing it to the max has been a success. For some of my crew that had never sailed before, and now are experienced sailors whom I'd trust to sail alongside me in any seas, the transformation from who they were, to where they are now, the difference is astronomical. I am so proud of them for it, for the effort, not just in the sailing but also in creating the solid team Punta del Este has become.

Personally I have learnt a great deal about myself during this journey, finding the balance of creating the right environment for the crew to feel safe to enjoy racing around the world as much as possible, and to develop their skills as ocean racers. Knowing better my strengths and my limitations. How to lift the spirits of a big group up when the mood was down, how to show ‘I’ve got this’ in those moments of doubt. It has been a great challenge, one that helps to form character.

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Until next time,

Jeronimo (Punta del Este Skipper)