Hola from the Yellow boat!

We are fully engaged on The Dell Latitude Rugged Ocean Sprint 3 of Race 9 (The WTC Logistics Tri-Race) The conditions for sprinting are great which means they are great for everyone too. We are having a really close fight with Visit Sanya, China to the port side and Unicef to the starboard side, all three doing more or less the same speed and gaining or losing meters at the time. This one is going to be a really close call to the end of the sprint, but we have 135 nautical miles to go so lots can happen before.

Susan has been our navigator of the day, glued to the monitor checking our performance against other competitors. She is so competitive she has been giving us updates on every detail for the last 4 hours. Way to go Susan!

James on his watch has been trimming the sails relentlessly keeping the boat at optimal speed. Trimming sails non-stop can be a tiring job but it's the only way to beat the competition.

Daily Stats:

Tune of the day: Ne me Quite, Regina Spektor

Daily Run: 174 nm Max boat speed: 12.5 knts

Sea life spotted: Flying fish getting away with long fly's of around 50m

Sailing maneuvers (sail changes, tacks and gybes): Trimming only, the wind conditions have been really constant for a change

Drinks consumed: The kettle has been on non stop

Meal of the day: Vegetable curry prepared by Steven and Andrew

Crew of the day: Jesus for not giving up on Punta del Este and coming back for another leg, for doing an amazing job at the helm last night and for sharing news from home

Tip of the day: A water drench towel in the freezer perfect for when you wake up hot and sweaty