Race 1 - Day 25
Skipper Report
14 September

Chris Kobusch
Chris Kobusch
Team Qingdao
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Good morning!

With steady winds and a steady heel, life on board becomes the same old routine, day in day out, and the days seem to fly past quicker and quicker - eat, sail, sleep, repeat. At the current speed, we have another day of constant winds before we sail into the north-west corner of the South Atlantic High, which should bring a change of wind and sails from whites to kites (headsails to spinnakers). I think I speak for the whole crew saying we all are looking forward to a less heeled Clipper 70, where we won’t need lines running through the boat to hold on to and climb up through the galley. At the moment, it feels like the crew deserves a rock climbing or mountaineering certificate after this trip.

Besides the small daily struggles life on board is good. The heat is less, we are recovering from going slowly after the Doldrums Corridor and the sailing is fast and fun.

After thousands and thousands of miles racing across the Atlantic the fleet is still surprisingly close together and our race buddy GB, which we had been racing close together with since race start, is in AIS (Automatic Identification System) and VHF range again. I will give Andy a call at sunrise and see how they are doing.

Till tomorrow morning.

Fair winds and a following sea!