Well what a race we are in. The good old saying the rich get richer couldn't be more applicable to our situation. Since we last spoke we found a good bit of Gulf Stream and have been sailing with various spinnakers ever since.

The forecast shows a ridge of high pressure coming across the course engulfing the area with light winds. This however will not affect the fleet except the back markers. Wow. We are a back marker. It really doesn't sit well.

So we sail a few more extra miles once again on our orienteering exercise. We won’t gain miles doing this. In fact the only boat this benefits us against is our alternative selves sailing the direct route. So this is not an opportunistic play to close the gap. I'm still holding out for one of those. Let’s hope one appears because we are a fair way behind as it stands.

In other news, the team is in good spirits and we are having some interesting laughs. Toilet talk is always the subject of discussion with people that haven't lived on a boat that lurches and heels, and the subject has presented its head with some recollections of a certain crew member’s paper bag habits from the first half of the race. Some of you will be aware. George thought that this was the way everyone did it and later some more fun was had when a paper bag was used to dispose of some old hummus which was dropped on deck.

Looking forward, we will keep going, maximising our performance and hopefully we will find any opportunity that arises to close with the fleet .

Derry~Londonderry awaits us all and that will be a good reset before the last race of what is a long and epic journey.