Race 2 - Day 17
Skipper Report
02 October

Chris Brooks
Chris Brooks
Team Qingdao
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Hi all...

It's been a rollercoaster ride here on Qingdao. We have been tracking down race leader Visit Sanya, China for some time but have been struggling with speed. Yesterday, we managed to just about match them and it would appear for some time we were making some useful gains too. However, we discovered the following morning that our spinnaker sheet, all 40m or so of it, was trailing behind the boat. This once again was not the end of the story. Upon retrieving the spinnaker sheet, it wasn't long after we discovered the fishing line. Pip was standing at the back of the boat admiring the view when he spotted the tangled line trailing in our wash. We believe the line had only been there since the night but it certainly would explain a few things over the past couple of days.

We have watched the boat ahead extend and the ones behind start eating our lead which is tough for the team and it's tough for me personally.

Not anymore. We have now hit the turbo button. I hadn't seen it before but if you look at our speeds now we are matching and mighty fast it is too. The night-time driving is once again a hazardous affair and I must get some more rest now as it requires so much ability and focus that there are very few in the crew that have enough experience to safely drive, although this is changing...

Things are looking on the up and now we think we have the fishing net off, the speed is looking good.

Let’s all think of Portimão at the end of the race there. Everything can change and it probably will. We just have to keep giving a solid showing.

Fair de well, and have a lovely day. Until I catch up with you next time, a little faster and a little closer to the front.