Hello from latitude 39° south. The sea state has become a bit more unstable with swell coming from different directions but relatively small in size. We have seen 52knots of wind speed during a gust but nothing significant.

The crew was pleased to see Our Isles and Oceans crossing our stern this morning, the whole fleet is relatively close to each other, and we can see some of the competitors gybing south to stay close to the Rhumb Line.

Dynamics on board are good with no major issues, some getting used to it as the wind and swell increase and there is some time of acclimatization. All crew are well and pushing for speed trying to get to the front positions.

As for me, I also had my fair share of getting used to things: the new crew, and the challenging environment took its toll, so I had extra sleep to recover.

Talk to you again soon.

Love to my lovely Lauren who I miss madly (a sailor never gets used to leaving their loved ones behind, we just have to because of the love for the sea and adventure.)