Race 7 - Day 6
Skipper Report
29 February

Chris Brooks
Chris Brooks
Team Qingdao
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Hi, all good morning and what a lovely morning it is

So, things have been going well so far but with a change in direction of breeze and the first windhole of the race we are yet to see the impact of the last 6hrs.

We now approach the Dell Latitude Rugged Ocean Sprint on the way south. We will face this upwind whereas boats at the back of the fleet including our competitor for the sprint WTC Logistics will have a downwind sprint. We will take the two points it would seem. There will be a transition from the Southerly we are experiencing to the wind setting from a strong northerly.

This transition will allow our competition to make some good ground. We have been working on our watermaker this morning, but we do have lots of spare water so plenty enough to get to the end of the race which is great news.

The good news is we are still in a nice position to defend and apart from the odd patch of nothing the wind is forecast to remain. The crew has been busy changing sail settings with the changeable breeze in order to make our sails work as efficiently as we can. I hope it doesn't go too light before the northerly comes in as we are always a little sticky in less winds.

Over the next 24 we will do our best to defend against the advance and will this strong northerly to find us in good time.

Wish us luck and speak to you tomorrow.