Race 3 - Day 14
Skipper Report
14 November

Wendy Tuck
Wendy Tuck
Team Sanya Serenity Coast
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Yeah, it’s been a busy morning. For the first time in ages we did a Yankee change, the sheets have been eased and we have a full main up. I had forgotten what it looked like, so nice to be sailing a bit freer now.

Of course, no skipper is ever happy… I now would like the breeze to go even more aft so we can get a kite up. I nearly started this blog off with a classified.

“For sale, 3 spinnakers, all in very good condition, one lady owner. Money made from sale will go to Unicef, must be able to collect asap as weighing the boat down. Collection somewhere in the Indian or maybe even Southern Ocean.”

Let’s hope I don’t need to sell them!

Everyone, including the boat, has let out a sigh of relief now that we are not bashing about so much, time is advancing again today as we head to a new time zone in Freo.

Today will also be a day of fixing a couple of small things. Well not fixing, just giving attention to a few things so they won’t become a thing to fix, but mainly trying to dry the boat out - it is a swamp.

Anyway from a very happy boat - well sort of, remember I said skippers are never 100% happy. I know the guys to the south of us will be trucking along, while we amble along, but it’s nice now

How’s the serenity? It has returned to us.

Love youse all.