Morning again,

We have had a lovely time since the last blog, absolutely flying. Massive fans of this Gulf Stream and breeze malarkey. We were able to report back to the Race Office on the last scheds that we’d done 155 miles in twelve hours, and on the afternoon watch we averaged 14.8 knots. I believe this is what they call hooning along.

This afternoon we decided to gybe north, closer to the rhumb line, taking advantage of a wind shift to get there. Other boats in the pack seemed to be either bearing away at a deeper angle to come north, or shooting straight across into another part of the Gulf Stream. Time will tell which is the right call, we chewed our lips for a good while over which decision to make. The crew of Visit Sanya, China are really upping their game in getting involved with these decisions; Mike and I explained the choices and, ever so helpfully, they were as undecided as we were. However after careful studying of TimeZero, a wind shift, and the sight of GoToBermuda coming towards us meant the vote was for north. (Nothing personal Max and Wavy, it’s just pink and orange will clash horribly on the Race Viewer.)

Everyone’s having a lovely time, having a crack at everything they fancy, and it’s really good to see our worlders/multi-leggers sharing their knowledge with the new joiners. I’m starting to feel almost redundant, which is probably how it should be!

Liz would like me to mention that we had a close encounter with a sunfish yesterday evening and some of the crew swear it waved at us.

Jai Yo Sanya, Mary, Mike and a devilishly fast crew.