First logbook entry of the morning: ‘Sounders watch mission - catch Kevin!’ (Hi Wendo & James) – we seem to have been in their wake a lot of race 9 and now we have the final battle of this triangle race; the home stretch. 180 miles or so to go and there’s less than a mile in it. Saying that we also have Dare to Lead on our port side, it’s a month to the day we first made our slow driftathon descent down this piece of coastline to Subic Bay with them by our side – we’re hoping for a different result this time though Guy! GoToBermuda isjust a couple of miles in front of us all. So another race within a race is on. Yesterday’s mini race within a race with WTC Logistics and Zhuhai certainly kept us all focused as we slowly drifted/limped or whatever you want to call it over the finish line for Dell Latitude Rugged Ocean Sprint 2 - we had all opted to enter that sprint so the pressure was particularly on. Who knows if any of us did enough to gain an extra point though.

Life on board continues as normal and for once there’s actually not too much to report. I heard a shout on deck yesterday that there were “dolphins or maybe sharks ahead.” Someone then contradicted them and said: “No, I think it’s a pod of Orcas.” I was then quickly asked to pass up the marine mammals book from the nav station. Anyway, turns out the crew saw some short-finned pilot whales, much more likely in these waters. The new joiners and returners are fully settled in and it feels like they’ve always been here, the watches are working well. Maintenance and general boat preparation has now begun for our supposed next race and the deep clean will also begin if and when we’re allowed to turn on the donkey aka the engine on. So thankfully we don’t have too much to do now when we’re back on land - this is all in an attempt to maximise everyone's time off in the very few days we have pre-pacific.

The mummies are once again doing a great job this race, in particular Marcus and Sophie made a lovely beef stew last night, which will be a perfect meal on the pacific leg. I must also thank our victuallers - Mel, Queenie and Sophie (for this leg) who always do an excellent job. It is not an easy task to plan all meals for 18 people.

Those who have been around for Leg 5 (actually, the new joiners too) are very ready to leave these waters now and finally face some different and more fruity weather. Although, we can’t complain too much at the moment as hopefully the worst of the wind holes are behind us and this nice breeze remains the whole way down to the gate… beyond that I am not so sure.

Huge thank you to the team for looking after me this race whilst I’ve been so ill and Karla Graves - Race Office Head of Communications - thank you for your vitamin sachets, they’ve worked a treat. Thanks to Phil for the Lindt chocolates, Kiki brought them out on deck last night. Finally, Happy Birthday to my godmother Jose the other day and to my Dad next Wednesday – wish I could be there to celebrate with you all.

Until next time,

Lyndsay & Dave