After a well hosted stopover in Den Helder the start line set us off on this last session before a lot of the team re-visit their initial journey down the Thames. I am sure there are lots of reflections churning around the minds of the various crew members as the fleet narrows its way toward the finish.

Unicef had a good start off the line but light airs and Unicef do not go together so for the first part we have suffered. During the night the wind picked up and we managed to pull in some places and a short while ago in close quarters with GREAT Britain I could have shaken hands
with Skipper Peter! A frustrating sea state has pushed us to tack inshore and field
the north going tide ready for the passage south again to the west of the exclusion area hopefully in a kinder sea state.

St Katharine’s holds special meaning for me from the end of Op Drake in 1980 through Clipper 2000 and rocking up there again will be a special moment.

All good for now, Cloughy