Race 4 - Day 8
Skipper Report
25 November

Ian Wiggin
Ian Wiggin
Team Unicef
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Good morning,

Andrew is stable and doing well. We are currently 235nm from Durban and expecting to arrive in around a day and a half.

Yesterday was another day of motoring and sailing towards Durban whilst keeping in touch with the Race Office, Praxes and MRCC Cape Town. As always, we are working to the recommendations of Praxes whose remote medical care service is outstanding. Holly, our on board surgeon is being ably supported by Anthonie who is an Advanced Trauma Life Support Instructor from Cape Town. Meanwhile, our medical inventory is being wonderfully managed by our on board pharmacist and pharmacology expert John Dawson. With Andrew himself being a surgeon, I imagine that we are currently the most medically qualified boat in the fleet. Thanks to our kind followership we even have glossy sailing magazines to offer Andy!! If sailing doesn't work out for us I am sure we could always start a floating hospital of some kind??

Before we left Cape Town we prepared mentally and practically for a 30+ day voyage. This forethought has put us in a good place and we potentially still have everything we need to make it to Australia. The basics of fuel, gas, food etc are being carefully monitored (and we will not be taking any chances upon departure), however, our main worries are apparently toothpaste, clean underwear, and lemon and ginger tea bags. Obviously, our short term goal is to get to Durban as quickly as possible. Beyond that, our next goal will be to leave Durban promptly and return to our re-starting position - before racing to Australia. In this case no time allowance will be awarded for our medevac, but, we can still scoop three race points and potentially more for the ocean sprint.

Thank you for the kind messages of support and offers of practical help in Australia. New leggers we are coming for you!! We know that what we do today will directly affect when we arrive in Australia.

Here we go.

Ian and Mike.