Race 1 - Day 32
Skipper Report
21 September

Nikki Henderson
Nikki Henderson
Team Visit Seattle
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What a stunning night; not a cloud in the sky and stars all the way down to the horizon. The ocean is trying to tempt us to stay - but after four and a half weeks, it's time for land.

A few days in now, sailing under yankee and Main in prime spinnaker conditions, and it's a little painful to see our boat going so slowly whilst everyone is screaming along and there’s absolutely nothing we can do about it. We will arrive a humble crew - fully aware that you can be in first place for a week, and in the flip of a hat right down to tenth. At the same time, this has provided a slight release from the pressure of racing, to take the time to take stock on where we are and how far we have come. So few people in the world get to experience a journey like this, and today the crew took the time - each of them in their own way - to appreciate how privileged we all are.

I took the time myself to reflect on how far they have all come. They have worked their socks off to learn how to sail, to run a boat, to read the weather, and to make tactical decisions - and they have really, really developed. Today we spent a few hours before the wind shifted goose winging - basically sailing with one sail one side of the boat and one the other like a big butterfly...a very difficult point of sail to helm. Everyone just took it in their stride - no stress - and helmed a perfect course holding those sails full like they had been sailing all their lives. It was a proud moment for me.