It's been an epic day of fast and furious sailing. Everyone onboard has now enjoyed the thrill of helming a Clipper 70 on a surf of 16 knots and above. The whoops and smiles from the back of the boat are great to see. It's tough physically, and takes a lot of concentration so it's awesome that everyone is having a go and sharing the load.

The tough work on deck is being well rewarded by a plentiful supply of food. After sadly losing Shaz (Sharon Crapnell), Steve (Bailey) and Chad (Welch) off this leg we, 17 humble crew, are munching down 20 portions at each meal. Leg 1: weight loss. Leg 2: bulking up. Steve - we thought of you today as we ate lentil soup for lunch, followed by tuna pasta with extra sweetcorn and laughed at how unhappy you would have been at today's menu. We miss you and can't wait for you to come back - keep on fighting. Cam let us know that you are still in Montevideo so we are sending you well wishes with the winds and hope you can get home soon!

Cutting this leg down into bitesize chunks - we have done the start course, the windy and green first few days, the race to the Scoring Gate, passed the halfway mark - next up, the Elliot Brown Ocean Sprint. It will be interesting to see who ends up best placed for this with the backing wind. Keep watching!

Sailing with style - Nik