Race 1 - Day 7
Skipper Report
09 September

Rich Gould
Rich Gould
Team WTC Logistics
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A certain amount of deja vu here as we find ourselves drifting in light airs (3 - 6 knots true) from just astern the beam. Moving 40 tonnes of ocean racing yacht in light airs is tricky and, when the finish is so close, also a very frustrating experience. That said, the crew have done a great job and we have always kept forward momentum.

In the breezes we've had in the last few days, 30 miles would be eaten up in 2.5 hours. Now, it's looking more like six hours, making arrival late afternoon. On this basis, deep clean is tomorrow and will eat into our precious maintenance days. 'To the winner the spoils and to those who have they shall have the world'. Such pithy statements sure seem to have some relevance in offshore yacht racing.

To cap of my own frustrations, my keyboard has started playing up meaning only some words are typed fully (so it is not my spelling at fault this time).

From here it looks like Jeronimo and the crew of Punta del Este had a barnstorming finish. Well done to you and commiserations especially to Qingdao and GoToBermuda who did so well, for so long. That is a bitter pill to swallow, I'm sure.

But look at it this way guys. At least you are now in. We are still out of sight of land. Leave a cold beer for us - and a new keyboard! As I type this there is a remarkably good accompaniment to Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody occurring on deck interspersed by 'Grind!' 'Hold' and the ticking of a winch. There are worse places to be right now. And now for the Wayne's World style chorus…All together!!

Mark, Dan and WTC Logistics