It's over, the race has finished, we can all breathe easy again without looking over our shoulders! Absolute well done to all the boats in the fleet for sailing so well, especially our closest competitors Punta del Este and GoToBermuda. You guys kept us on our toes day after day and made it incredibly fun racing. We are slightly sad about the position in the end as we managed to go through Mandatory Finish Gates 1 & 2 in podium position and then were pipped to the line by Ha Long Bay, Viet Nam on the third. But as I consoled the crew I made sure to remind them that we led the race for the longest time out of any boat. We also know that we gave it our all and no one can be disappointed in our level of effort and focus. If anything, it fired us up to be faster and more efficient in the next race!

Now the pressure is off we are enjoying the motor sailing, with numerous games in play such as murder mystery, where you get given a crew members name, an object and a location and if you get them all together they are 'murdered'. Now you can imagine the fun/nervous energy this game causes. I managed to kill Rachel in the heads with a storm sail, and Susie killed TJ with a spinal board in the lazarette. Understandably when the kettle came on deck everyone was so suspicious that no one went near it!

We have also had sundowner cocktail hour with our virgin cocktails served on trays by the galley/Ineke and enjoyed by all the crew at watch change. We keep ourselves busy!

Now, we are looking forward to a cold beer and a shower in Panama!

Dan, Ineke and the crew of WTC Logistics 'OUT'