Crunch time comes ever closer, as we advance along the race track towards Bermuda. It’s going to be a close race between the leading boats as we try different angles to edge around a light wind patch. On WTC Logistics we are playing our usual game of steer at where you want to go! Seems to work well for us most of the time…only time will tell.

We have been flying the Code 1 now for two days without dropping it, the crew are getting increasingly better at their spinnaker trim and everyone is getting a chance to helm in the steady wind. All minds have started to think of Bermuda and it's Dark'n'Stormys waiting for us, so we are trying to make sure the focus doesn't mean the boat gets sailed inefficiently, we must concentrate to make sure we have a chance of first place.

Wish us luck and for those in Bermuda see you soon!

Dan, Ineke and the crew of WTC Logistics 'OUT'