Hello! We’re back racing again after a wonderful stopover in Bermuda. Thanks to the Bermuda Tourism Authority for welcoming us and greeting us with Dark ‘N' Stormys on the dock. And we were all able to get some good time off to rest, visiting white sandy beaches, touring the island and trying out great restaurants and bars. Truly an island I'd like to visit again.

A breezy Le Mans Start saw us beating upwind into 25-30kts of apparent wind, meaning we started with the Yankee 3, our smallest head sail. It was a steep learning curve for our new joiners as we crossed a front/ridge with rain and gusty conditions followed by a significant wind direction change. We changed up all the way to Yankee 1, our largest headsail, and shook a reef out of the mainsail, all under darkness in very good time. With new crew comes new energy and excitement. I'm also very proud of my round the world crew who continue to coach and develop WTC Logistics as a whole. As we now head off to New York, we have very variable conditions ahead making for tactical racing over only four or five days, and it could be anyone's race if they pick the correct line and sail without mistakes. Wish us luck and keep following that tracker.

Dan, Ineke and the crew of WTC Logistics 'OUT'