We had a slow start to this race. Less than 250 nm covered in 48 hours, spending much of that time in wind holes - yet again! We have had so many we ran out of naming ideas; any suggestions welcome. But at least we were all in it together.

I don't think I ever saw that many Clipper Race boats close by for so long. At times, eight of us were less than 4 nm from each other, all floating in different directions. On the one hand the good news is that nobody is moving fast, on the other we kept hoping one would just start moving, as that would mean wind for all of us. Hopefully that is now all in the past. At least for this race, as we are currently doing 10 knots directly towards the Big Apple.

Punta del Este, Qingdao, Visit Sanya, China and Seattle (hi guys) are all close by still and that is pushing each of us along to go as fast as possible. So we might make New York in decent time after all. I hope so, as it is an amazing city. I lived there for a few years, so it feels like coming home a bit. And coming in by sea is really special. The view when we come under the Staten Island bridge and see the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island on the one side and Lower Manhattan, with the skyline stretching behind it, on the other, is something truly impressive. I can't wait! But before that we still have some wind changes, adverse current patches and the impressive Gulf Stream to navigate. Never a dull moment, and that is how we like it.

Ineke, Dan and the crew of WTC Logistics "OUT"