It’s all over, another great race with another close finish! We battled Punta del Este for the last day for second place but we just weren't fast enough. So we secured third place, and another podium to add to our growing collection; let’s hope we can continue for the last two races. The crew are over the moon at our performance and they deserved it. I pushed the new joiners quite hard to get them up to speed with the rest of the team and they excelled. Well done team, I'm a proud skipper!

The last few days have been hard work flying our Code 2 kite in some very interesting conditions - 35kts in the Gulf Stream meant we could hold an average speed of 16knots for an hour...

It took huge amounts of concentration and a few sleepless nights for myself but it worked in the end!

Well done to Qingdao and Punta del Este for the top two spots.

Let’s do this all again in a few days - this time for just over 3000nm.

Dan, Ineke and the crew of WTC Logistics 'OUT'