Good morning, we are back at it again for the final ocean crossing of the race! We had a great time in New York sailing past the iconic sights and exploring the concrete jungle. What a city! But to be completely honest, some of us nautical people found it a bit busy and an overwhelming sensory overload, so we are happy to be back in our natural habitat: the open ocean. Personally I'm glad to be back sailing and doing what I love.

This race, I had the pleasure of getting us off to a smooth start by running the Le Mans Start. We lined up in a neat row and off we went, immediately hoisting our Code 2 spinnaker and shooting south-east to find more wind. After around 40nm we gybed to head towards Virtual Mark Bristow. Four of our pack have carried on south looking to find more favourable currents as we go for a shorter distance. Unfortunately we have found another blasted wind hole! As I'm writing this the wind is beginning to build and we are back sailing in the direction of Derry~Londonderry!

We have 3000nm to cover with many different wind strengths to fight with and it's going to be very exciting for our Leg 8 crew who haven't experienced open ocean conditions. Myself, Ineke and the round the world crew will help guide and coach them from our not far off 40,000 Clipper Race nautical miles so far!

The other exciting development is that we have an OBR (on board reporter) John, who is here to make us look like rockstars as we cross the North Atlantic, capturing our best and worst moments at sea. Hopefully he gets my good side!

Anyways back to deck as we try to catch Unicef, GoToBermuda and Visit Sanya, China who are sailing just 6nm ahead...

Dan, Ineke and the crew of WTC Logistics 'OUT'