Good morning. So another sunny two days on WTC Logistics. We have been riding the awesome Gulf Stream with good company from several of the fleet as we streak our way east towards Europe. We have had many smiles on board as our average speeds have been so eye-wateringly fast! We did a 6 hour average of 14.5 knots… yes 14.5. Now that may not sound fast to those of you who have the option of driving a car but for us that is warp speed engaged. Moving 30 tonnes of boat using nothing but the wind and the current is very impressive and a lot of fun.

The current weather forecast is promising to give us a speedy week as we sit on the edge of a front which is moving at a similar speed to us. This morning the wind built to 30+ knots which made for some very fun Code 3 flying, but we realised we had a tangle in our spinnaker halyards, so we sent the nimble Rachel Burgess to the top of the mast to deal with the issue. She scaled the mast like a squirrel and as she reached the top I hit 19.1 knots of boat speed, making for a mast climb she won’t forget!

One of the keys to ocean sailing is to notice the problems early and solve them as efficiently as possible and today we nailed it. We have a slightly smaller crew than others which means we have to try and do key sail changes as watch handovers are happening making for fun full team building exercises.

Anyhow back to some close racing with GoToBermuda and Unicef!

Dan, Ineke and the crew of WTC Logistics 'OUT'