Race 2 - Day 26
Skipper Report
11 October

Rich Gould
Rich Gould
Team WTC Logistics
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Well today is going to be a short blog. We are barreling along, having changed our Code 2 Spinnaker for our Code 3 Spinnaker about two hours ago as the wind increased and the sea state built, suggesting the GRIBs (weather chart) forecasting 30 knots were accurate. Boat speed has rarely dipped below 13 knots, with 18 knots the fastest so far with true wind at 28 knots and the boat bucking and kicking along.

Writing (or typing) in these conditions is tricky, to say the least. Helming too. We have some good helms coming along nicely but the last hour of the Code 2 Spinnaker, as we pushed its limits, was too much for all but Dan and I. And whilst exciting sailing, it was a little sporty to say the least. That said, with a bright moon illuminating the deck, it's pretty impressive seeing the bow surge off waves and accelerate up to 18 knots. As we do so, the grinders power on to trim the kite as the apparent wind goes forward and the trimmer calls the shots. Meanwhile, we have someone stationed at the main ready to ease, another ready to grind the mainsheet back on and another perched at the vang ready to dump it in the event of a broach.

Rooster tails fire off the stern as we surf down each wave and the noise of the water is deafening.

Our foray south seems to have done us well, but everyone is now going quickly, so whilst the miles to finish fall quickly, we know everyone will be pushing hard.

From a bumpy nav station...

All the best from,

Mark, Dan and the rest of WTC Logistics Leg 1 Crew