Already a familiar face to many, Rob Graham was a Clipper Race Skipper in the 2017-18 edition. Rob from Angmering, Sussex also worked as a Skipper and Mate for training and corporate sailing events from 2011 and has most recently been working with super yachts in the United States.

Since completing his Yachtmaster in 2005, Rob has gained extensive experience on Clipper 70s and has chalked up well over 100,000 nautical miles including his Clipper 2017-18 Race circumnavigation.

Rob’s past professions range from a postman to camel jockey. Still, he managed to find the time to graduate with a degree in law and a solicitor’s postgraduate qualification from the University of Northumbria in Newcastle. An active person, Rob spends his time off water competing in triathlons and distance running.

When it comes to Rob’s favourite moments at sea, it would be a toss between the time he balanced the trim of eight sails aboard a gaff schooner so she sailed up the Strait of Malacca between Indonesia and Malaysia with no need of helming, seeing a moonbow under trade wind clouds, or crossing the Atlantic from Gran Canaria to Saint Lucia aboard an 80-foot ex-Whitbread Maxi on ARC.