Clipper 2002 Race
Winner: Jersey

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Liverpool played host to the start of the Clipper Race for the first time during the 2002-03 edition, the fourth final race for the Clipper 60s fleet.

Race start day bought with it the worst storm Liverpool had experienced 100 days forced the Race Committee to postpone the start for 24 hours.

“Race start stands out for so many reasons,” says David Cusworth, a crew member on board Liverpool.

“Saturday was a hive of activity preparing for the start, with over 100,000 people milling around Albert Dock.

“On Sunday the weather closed in and the decision was made to postpone the start. We eventually left in bright sunshine on Monday!”

The eight Clipper 60 yachts would retire after this edition of the race, making way for the second fleet of ocean racing yachts, the Clipper 68s. 

“Being the final circumnavigation on the original Clipper Race fleet was very emotional, almost the end of an era. We knew a new fleet of boats were being commissioned but had no idea how they would look. So for us, the Clipper 60s are the original and best yachts.”

It was Simon Rowell who guided Jersey to overall victory beating Richard Butler’s Bristol team by just two points.

“There were so many highlights,” continues David.

Winning in to Cuba. Coming last into Japan. Both huge stand out moments in the race for different reasons and actually the sense of accomplishment of crossing the mighty Pacific, which did its best to beat us, even though we came last – is perhaps my strongest memory from the whole race.”


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First Name Last Name Race Boat
Ed Bailey 2002-03 Bristol
Richard Beringer 2002-03 Bristol
Christos Boinis 2002-03 Bristol
Charlotte Cambrook 2002-03 Bristol
Barry Coulton 2002-03 Bristol
Pam Cox 2002-03 Bristol
John Dalton 2002-03 Bristol
Charles Dornton 2002-03 Bristol
Jonathan Hiles 2002-03 Bristol
Adrian Hilton 2002-03 Bristol
Victoria Holt 2002-03 Bristol
Fiona Lamdin 2002-03 Bristol
Matthew Lloyd 2002-03 Bristol
Alison McDougall 2002-03 Bristol
David Messham 2002-03 Bristol
Peter O’Donoghue 2002-03 Bristol
Polly Pratt 2002-03 Bristol
John Prince 2002-03 Bristol
James Rainsbury 2002-03 Bristol
Gill Sowerbutts 2002-03 Bristol
Philip Taylor 2002-03 Bristol
Jeremy Waite 2002-03 Bristol
Nick Webb 2002-03 Bristol
Barbara Weekes 2002-03 Bristol
Clive Williams 2002-03 Bristol
Nigel Aitchison 2002-03 Cape Town
Anthony Bath 2002-03 Cape Town
Donna Bizzell 2002-03 Cape Town
Simon Bown 2002-03 Cape Town
Barbara Box 2002-03 Cape Town
David Bozward 2002-03 Cape Town
David Bright 2002-03 Cape Town
Rory Caffyn-Parsons 2002-03 Cape Town
Jo Christie-Smith 2002-03 Cape Town
John Coe 2002-03 Cape Town
Nick Flynn 2002-03 Cape Town
Richard Gibbs 2002-03 Cape Town
Maggi Healey 2002-03 Cape Town
Peter Horwood 2002-03 Cape Town
Tom Jenkins 2002-03 Cape Town
Jamie Jones 2002-03 Cape Town
Shivani Kak 2002-03 Cape Town
Ian Lardner 2002-03 Cape Town
Valerie Lyness 2002-03 Cape Town
Theo Madayi 2002-03 Cape Town
Lorel McConnell 2002-03 Cape Town
Angela Menday 2002-03 Cape Town
Zuko Mgobozi 2002-03 Cape Town
Paul Nicholson 2002-03 Cape Town
Raveen Patel 2002-03 Cape Town
Nicola Reading 2002-03 Cape Town
Marvin (CT) Sampson 2002-03 Cape Town
Mark Sandall 2002-03 Cape Town
Sarah Scott 2002-03 Cape Town
Keith Steed 2002-03 Cape Town
Paul Strudwicke 2002-03 Cape Town
Alastair Stuart-Hunt 2002-03 Cape Town
Vikki Taylor 2002-03 Cape Town
Daniel Walsh 2002-03 Cape Town
Stephen Annis 2002-03 Glasgow
Brian Aylward 2002-03 Glasgow
Richard Ayres 2002-03 Glasgow
David Bright 2002-03 Glasgow
Andrea Bull 2002-03 Glasgow
Thomas Chittenden 2002-03 Glasgow
Ewan Craig 2002-03 Glasgow
Mark Dence 2002-03 Glasgow
Kate Dillane 2002-03 Glasgow
Jennie Doyle 2002-03 Glasgow
Giles Drury 2002-03 Glasgow
Jan Drysdale 2002-03 Glasgow
Stuart Hall 2002-03 Glasgow
Michael Hartman 2002-03 Glasgow
Eliot Johnson 2002-03 Glasgow
Stephen Lightbody 2002-03 Glasgow
Gillian Little 2002-03 Glasgow
Robert MacLeod 2002-03 Glasgow
Ram Martynoga 2002-03 Glasgow
Kirsty Maxwell 2002-03 Glasgow
Corrie McQueen 2002-03 Glasgow
Claire Sarafilovic 2002-03 Glasgow
Alex Seippel 2002-03 Glasgow
Keith Simmons 2002-03 Glasgow
Gillian Simpson 2002-03 Glasgow
Andrew Sparrow 2002-03 Glasgow
Clare Stephens 2002-03 Glasgow
Timothy Walkup 2002-03 Glasgow
Vivien Watt 2002-03 Glasgow
Dean Woodcock 2002-03 Glasgow
Kirsten Beattie 2002-03 Hong Kong
Carie Biggs 2002-03 Hong Kong
Geoff Bruce 2002-03 Hong Kong
Emmy Cooper 2002-03 Hong Kong
David Duggett 2002-03 Hong Kong
Stephen Enright 2002-03 Hong Kong
Colin Gleeson 2002-03 Hong Kong
Martin Gregory 2002-03 Hong Kong
Roz Irving 2002-03 Hong Kong
Sally Jarvis 2002-03 Hong Kong
Jon Key 2002-03 Hong Kong
Richard Laybourne 2002-03 Hong Kong
Emily Morse 2002-03 Hong Kong
Paul Murray 2002-03 Hong Kong
Paul Nicholson 2002-03 Hong Kong
Lindsey Norman 2002-03 Hong Kong
Julie Pereira 2002-03 Hong Kong
Barry Pritchard 2002-03 Hong Kong
Thomas Salter 2002-03 Hong Kong
Kevin Seery 2002-03 Hong Kong
Laurie Smith 2002-03 Hong Kong
Gavin Spiers 2002-03 Hong Kong
Jan Stroud 2002-03 Hong Kong
Edward Thorogood 2002-03 Hong Kong
Anna Wardley 2002-03 Hong Kong
Tim Webber 2002-03 Hong Kong
Ian Baird 2002-03 Jersey
Alan Benstead 2002-03 Jersey
Jane De La Haye 2002-03 Jersey
Valerie Merckx 2002-03 Jersey
Howard Russell 2002-03 Jersey
Tracey Watson 2002-03 Jersey
Frank Everaert 2002-03 Jersey
Silvia Paultroni Long 2002-03 Jersey
Paul Cook 2002-03 Jersey
Chris De Glanville 2002-03 Jersey
Stephen Watt 2002-03 Jersey
Caroline MacRae 2002-03 Jersey
Marcus Liddiard 2002-03 Jersey
Helen Barker 2002-03 Jersey
Carol David Daniel 2002-03 Jersey
Richard Harvey 2002-03 Jersey
Julie Moore 2002-03 Jersey
Simeon Paster 2002-03 Jersey
John Jones 2002-03 Jersey
Scarlett Mosnier 2002-03 Jersey
Robin Fitzgerald 2002-03 Jersey
Maggi Baines 2002-03 Jersey
Gareth Rigby 2002-03 Jersey
Ros Britton 2002-03 Jersey
Tony Morgan 2002-03 Jersey
Kerry Sharman 2002-03 Jersey
Martin (UBS) Cavey 2002-03 Jersey
Richard Clark 2002-03 Jersey
Fred De La Perrelle 2002-03 Jersey
Marcus Ferbrache 2002-03 Jersey
Nadia Miller 2002-03 Jersey
Aaron Day 2002-03 Liverpool
Martine Edgington 2002-03 Liverpool
Andrew Hancock 2002-03 Liverpool
Vicky Margerrison 2002-03 Liverpool
Mike Shepherd 2002-03 Liverpool
Richard Sidebottom 2002-03 Liverpool
John Southern 2002-03 Liverpool
Barry Fletcher 2002-03 Liverpool
Edward Barrett 2002-03 Liverpool
Ruth Fletcher 2002-03 Liverpool
Nicola Rushin 2002-03 Liverpool
Steve Sandison 2002-03 Liverpool
Nicky Jacobsen 2002-03 Liverpool
Katie Turner 2002-03 Liverpool
Neil Roberts 2002-03 Liverpool
Stefano D’Ambrosio 2002-03 Liverpool
Rose Mary Perez 2002-03 Liverpool
Ian Brogden 2002-03 Liverpool
Elizabeth Farrer 2002-03 Liverpool
Mandy Grouse 2002-03 Liverpool
Alan Walker 2002-03 Liverpool
Diane Whittingham 2002-03 Liverpool
Graham Lee 2002-03 Liverpool
Adrian Mullen 2002-03 Liverpool
David Morton 2002-03 Liverpool
Daniel Turner 2002-03 Liverpool
Philip McKie 2002-03 Liverpool
Paul Brennan 2002-03 Liverpool
Martin Clark 2002-03 Liverpool
Angela Hopkins 2002-03 Liverpool
Dave Moran 2002-03 Liverpool
Jane Black 2002-03 London
Ben Bryant 2002-03 London
Iain Cook 2002-03 London
Jeremy Fox-Geen 2002-03 London
Mark Osgood 2002-03 London
Lesley Whithair 2002-03 London
Caroline Chapman 2002-03 London
James Arden-Davis 2002-03 London
Mavis Dowling 2002-03 London
Samantha Kidwell 2002-03 London
Bob Spruce 2002-03 London
Andrew Hatley 2002-03 London
Derek Chase 2002-03 London
Lois Howarth 2002-03 London
John Richardson 2002-03 London
Cressida Whyatt 2002-03 London
David Barratt 2002-03 London
Rebecca French 2002-03 London
Rebecca Chambers 2002-03 London
Ross Masterton 2002-03 London
Simon Cooper 2002-03 London
Rinaldo Marcoz 2002-03 London
Alistair Boyle 2002-03 London
Paul Coleman 2002-03 London
Ventura Pobre 2002-03 London
John Travers 2002-03 London
Christine Channon 2002-03 London
Kate Fletcher 2002-03 London
Gisele Nicolotti 2002-03 London
Stephen O’Neill 2002-03 London
Carol Andrews 2002-03 London
Anna Birks 2002-03 New York
Ruth Dalton 2002-03 New York
David Hughes 2002-03 New York
David Mckee 2002-03 New York
Mike Peasley 2002-03 New York
Oliver Reid 2002-03 New York
Karen Roehm 2002-03 New York
Kay Snooks 2002-03 New York
Emma Coombs 2002-03 New York
David Cusworth 2002-03 New York
David Loasby 2002-03 New York
Clare Stephens 2002-03 New York
Thomas Coleman 2002-03 New York
Mel Rankine 2002-03 New York
Bairbre Rogers 2002-03 New York
Joseph McQuade 2002-03 New York
Matthew Fite 2002-03 New York
Ross Dixon 2002-03 New York
Ian Coxon 2002-03 New York
Howard Ball 2002-03 New York