Clipper 2009-10 Race
Winner: Spirit of Australia

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Hull, Yorkshire played host to the start of the Clipper 2009-10 Race and delivered an unforgettable departure ceremony for the crew members taking part.

On board the homeport boat, Hull & Humber was round the world crew member, Della Parsons.

“We were tested time and time again during the whole race – a crash with another boat on the start line in Cape Town, rendering a hole to the water line and a ten-day delay for our Southern Ocean adventure.

“Later in the Pacific the whole fleet got a battering as the remnants of a hurricane north of Japan swept in our direction on our boat the result was a broken skipper – his leg, as he was swept down the deck by a freak wave. We had to stop racing once again, in order to get him safely transferred into the safe care of the Japanese coastguard. Another training exercise that we had never envisioned actually putting into practise.”

It was Spirit of Australia, skippered by Brendan Hall, which would claim overall victory. Making it second consecutive Clipper Race won by an Australian entry.

“So many things can and will happen when you put yourself in the hands of Mother Nature,” continues Della.

“The oceans and weather systems are a law unto themselves but can be traversed, experienced and yes enjoyed as long as you have a very healthy amount of respect for them, some excellent training and a great, well-bonded crew.

“It’s the teamwork, the respect for one another and trust we placed in each other that got us through the challenges of this unique and awesome race.”