Clipper 2011-12 Race
Winner: Gold Coast Australia

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The scene of the Clipper Race fleet leaving Southampton followed by the Royal Navy’s flagship HMS Illustrious marked a unique start to the 2011-12 race.

It would be the last time the Clipper 68 fleet would circumnavigate the globe, with the brand new Clipper 70s quietly waiting in the wings to take over.

Gold Coast Australia, skippered by Richard Hewson, would continue the tread of Australian dominance by claiming overall victory with an impressive 12 victories out of a possible 15.

“The Clipper Race was a challenge, I’ve completed it and I’m really pleased and proud of myself for that,” revealed Welcome to Yorkshire crew member, George Allen, upon arriving back in Southampton at Race Finish.

“This experience has been absolutely fantastic,” Adds Jim Cole, of one of 2011-12 race’s oldest crew member.

“I have loved every minute of this journey and other than a little broken finger 700 miles off the shore of Ireland it has been an incredible experience, especially for someone of 72 years of age!”

Meanwhile Edinburgh Inspiring Capital crew member, Justine Laymond, took part in the race after a double lung transplant.

“I’m just amazed to be home, it’s certainly been a challenge that I have overcome battling through my own personal challenges with my health, seasickness and exhaustion. I’m glad I’m home and I can actually flush a toilet or have to balance myself at an angle!

“There were a couple of moments on my journey where I thought it was game over but I was determined and powered myself through and it’s fantastic. I just can’t believe I’m home and I’ve done it! I’m so happy,”