Race 14 - Day 4
Crew Diary - Race 14 Day 4
02 July

Marie O’Riley
Marie O’Riley
Team Dare To Lead
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Greetings from the good ship Dare To Lead.

It’s Saturday 2 July, the sun is shining and at last we’ve got some champagne sailing. Port Watch is sleeping and I’m sitting in the salon after 30mins on the helm where I got a boat speed of 12.3kns briefly, thanks to the guidance of our Watch Leader Nathan.

It’s been easier getting into life on the boat this race, partly because I haven’t been seasick like I was when we left Bermuda. Also, I know the routine now. I’m sleeping well when I’m off watch, even though it’s still very warm below deck.

Dot, with some help from Louis, did a great job victualling in New York. It’s got to be the hardest job with all the menu planning, a full day's shopping, then sorting the food into ‘day bags’ so that the two crew on Mother Watch each day know what they are cooking. We’ve had some really tasty meals so far so thank you Dot and Louis.

Normally around this time at home I’d be harvesting black and red currants from my vegetable garden and making jam. I hope my friends are helping themselves so they don’t go to waste.

I spotted my first whales yesterday afternoon with a couple of pilot whales swimming about 15m to starboard. At the same time we had dolphins swimming around our bow.

I’m enjoying reading the cards and letters friends gave me before I left home. Thanks to my eldest daughter Jess for the daily letters you gave me before I left NYC. I hope you and Dad had a great time seeing us leave from Fitz’s yacht ‘Tranquillity.’

I’ll end this now as I’m due back on deck. Sending all my love to Mike, Jess and Emily. I hope you’re having a great time in LA.


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