Race 3 - Day 17
Crew Diary - RACE 3 DAY 17
08 November

Megan Allpress
Megan Allpress
Team Dare To Lead
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Life on a Clipper 70 is difficult. Try to imagine a washing machine on a spin cycle on a 45-degree tilt and imagine living inside of it for days on end. Add illness into the mix and it gets pretty miserable.

When you are ill on a boat, life sucks.

The dreaded green monster of seasickness is one that quite a few of us experience. It is predictable, and treatable and a good stint on deck on the helm will usually provide some temporary relief. At least with this you know it will pass soon (after 3 days of hell.)

Saying that the last place you want to be is on the boat. Unfortunately, it’s too late to get off.

Unfortunately, when talking about the illness I’m talking flu or other maladies. These are the ones that completely knock you for six. You feel completely rotten, but you are trapped down below (inside the washing machine) with no escape, and nowhere is comfy to sit/lie. You are unable to help out on deck which really makes you feel like you are letting the team down, making you feel even worse.

But on Dare to Lead we are like a little family and “no man is left behind.” We all look after each other and the whole crew is amazing at picking each other up when feeling low. The crew on board definitely makes life on board much better.

Just to add, it’s not all been bad on this leg some of the highs definitely include sightings of sharks, penguins, dolphins, albatross, and whales all in one shift.

But the sun is out now, it’s champagne sailing, Perseverance is on the horizon (behind) and it’s Cape Town, here we come.