Race 8 - Day 3
Crew Diary - Race 8 Day 3
04 March

Ntokozo Msiya
Ntokozo Msiya
Team Dare To Lead
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Hello folks,

Time really flies when you’re having fun. We just started the race not so long ago and now we have less then 24 hours before the race ends.

Life on board is still amazing, loving the team spirit and positivity around me. We are making good progress in the race thanks to our new rudder and good tactics but mostly staying motivated and keeping up the good team spirit.

The first few days were a bit tough as most of us suffered from flu, resulting in low energy but regardless of that we still kept going and good news is that we are recovering very well.

The hospitality on board is amazing, David made me a special delicious dinner today boiled potatoes and corn beef, with no onions, all thanks to Lisa who kept reminding everyone on galley watch ‘‘NO ONIONS FOR TK!’’ All in all I think that everyone on board makes good chefs because I’ve never came across any bad food. OHHH how can I forget Gary, he also makes delicious baked potatoes for me.

So far, it’s been Champagne sailing for us, we started off in 9th position and now we are fighting for 3rd position with Yacht Club Punta Del Este.

Catch you all in Zhuhai