Race 10 - Day 10
Crew Diary - Race 10 Day 10
11 April

Adams Cele
Adams Cele
Team Dare To Lead
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The first couple of days of the race I had to sit out because of an injury to my leg. I did however see the Le Mans start. It was very foggy and very hard to see which boats were there. It was a bit of a slow one, but the team prepared very well to get the sails up and ready to run.

My highlight so far has been the simplicity of the watch system. All I need to focus on is the watch, eat and sleep. The vibes within the crew have been good, everyone is trying to uplift each other because everyone has been feeling unwell.

My favourite moments on board are when David and Jerome, two of the worlder's bicker with each other over the chocolate, I feel like the kid in the corner watching parents argue things out, the futility of it makes everyone on watch laugh.

My other favourite moments are that since I’m the youngest on board the rest of the boat looks after me, especially with my injury they’ve been making sure I'm alright and that I take my medications on time.

Overall the food has been amazing, that being said I feel like there’s too many very unusual combos that people eat, the perfect example being the peanut butter with chicken dish that I had to cook [satay chicken]. Peanut butter and chicken just don’t mix!

An interesting story from the North Pacific called ‘Bird story’

We were doing 40-minute swaps on watch, and it was my turn to go on deck. There had been birds flying into the galley before, so I decided to just stay in a corner to guard the companionway. A bird crash landed in front of me and then I just saw it coming to me. I was startled so I called Savio to try and get the bird away from me. Then I had a good bird free 10 minutes, I started to relax a little more before another bird landed on my shoulder. I shrugged it off but after that I was a lot more alert to look out for the birds. Another 10 minutes and I fell asleep, and Ryan comes by, he tugs on my tether to see where it was attached, I got a huge fright because I thought it was an albatross having landed on my chest. Ryan burst out laughing having realized what he did before then moving past. After I tried to relax again before falling back