Race 1 - Day 23
Crew Diary - Race 1 Day 23: Liverpool to Punta del Este
12 September

Charlotte Garratt
Charlotte Garratt
Team Dare To Lead
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Firstly, we hope you all understand why there was no diary from us yesterday - we were a little preoccupied.

Yesterday for the first time in three weeks we spotted land-fall and even with it due to sad circumstances there was still much excitement as, through the haze on the sunny horizon, hills were spotted. Crew aboard felt like new world explorers discovering land for the first time. One such crew (naming no names...Marie Sessions) got a little more imaginative and described the island as like the one from the Jurassic Park films - the birds flying high above did not help matters as they did have a likeness to pterodactyls.

Yesterday evening after some initial language barriers with the rescuers we said a farewell to not just Jerry Stokes but Andy Schofield (Sco) too. It seems only fitting that as they arrived as a pair they left as one too. I can speak for everyone onboard when I say that they will both be greatly missed, they were superstars and we all wish Jerry a speedy recovery. Even if we are a little jealous that they will be getting fresh water showers and the use of flushing toilets in the immediate future!

I also feel I should l mention that upon seeing the rescue RIB speed towards us there were a few squeals from a couple of the girls onboard (again no names...Megan Powell and Polly Sturgess). I'm not sure if they were of delight or excitement but both of them chimed “the rescuers are coming in speedos!” I'll let you interpret that one how you like ☺.

With Jerry and Sco sent off with the speedo wearing Brazilians we are setting our sights on the final push to Punta Del Este, with the Elliot Brown Ocean Sprint underway as I type, we are all setting our sights on the boats in front and we are looking forward to hopefully seeing Jerry and Sco in Uruguay.