Race 1 - Day 6
Crew Diary - ​Day 6
08 September

Gerry Glover
Gerry Glover
Team GoToBermuda
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I’m currently sitting in the very hot galley (which I know will get hotter on the next leg!), procrastinating about getting lunch underway. Music is playing upstairs (Elton John Tiny Dancer) and the mood on board is starting to grow with the thought that we might make it into Portimão tonight. Fingers crossed the wind hole behaves itself and is kind to us. I can hear bits of conversations on deck about cold beer, showers and whatever food we might all be craving from on deck. I guess these conversations are taking place across the fleet.

I think it would be fair to say that for a few of us on board this has been quite a sail. From gale force winds and big swells to the boat being on a lean for 3 days and seasickness, it’s been quite an introduction to what we have all signed up for. But we have all come through really well and forming a great team on board and helping each other get through our own individual moments.

I find home creeping into my thoughts from time to time and wonder what our daughters are doing and what I would be doing if I was at home and not on this 70 foot boat in the middle of the sea. I wonder what my parents are thinking as I am sure they are watching me from above! My Mum would probably be horrified, my Dad super proud and encouraging I am sure.

But yes enough of my procrastinating and I should get back into my hot galley and cook for my crew and let’s get this boat sailing and into port tonight. Bring it on!! Portimão here we come…...Hope you are ready for us

PS to my husband who appears to have gone into ‘stealth mode’ with his email replies, it’s your turn to reply to my ones I sent yesterday!!