Race 13 - Day 3
Crew Diary - Race 13 Day 3
21 June

Maddie Church
Maddie Church
Team GoToBermuda
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Wind holes man. Are we really doing this again? Unfortunately, yes. It’s like sitting in rush hour traffic with no AC. Or engine. Or hope. But hey, we got fresh bread... Thanks Paul.

Watching the rest of the fleet continue on while you are stuck in a wind hole is like watching oncoming traffic whip by at 75 mph while you’re standing still. Not cool. But that is where team GoToBermuda is at right now.

After a tough beat out of Bermuda with our smallest headsail up and a reef in the mainsail, we were expecting a short but rough ride to New York. But these wind holes... They can’t get enough of us. We don’t exactly know why. I guess we did do a nice deep clean in Bermuda (although my mom will say otherwise), and our snack selection is in tip top shape. And our crew is pretty cool, so I guess I can see why they won’t leave us alone.

So here is a survival guide we rely on when dealing with wind holes:

1. Put Paul in charge of making the bread

2. Have all the speakers charged and ready to go

3. Charge your fan – there is negative breeze running through these portholes

4. Take advantage of the flat seas and use the heads as much as possible

5. Bake cakes – they wont come out slanted

6. Did I say put Paul in charge of making bread? I’m serious

7. Keep the helmsman happy – but by all means don’t distract him/her (sorry Wavy)

8. Find the culprit that is smelling up the ghettos and make them do their laundry

9. Find the old pair of socks you lost on Leg 6 (*the latex gloves are under the galley sink*)

10. ONLY wake the Skipper when the wind appears and then inject him with caffeine and sugar until told otherwise

Is it psychotic to miss the slamming and life at an angle? Maybe Wavy is rubbing off on us. We have VERY little communication with you people on land. And don’t ask for much out here. But we do have one request. Please raise a glass and whistle down some wind for us.

-Maddie, and a windless crew